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At California Broadband Services, we offer fixed wireless Broadband Internet service to businesses, in five different service packages.

Tier 1 Business is designed for up to 3 users.
Tier 2 Business is designed for up to 5 users.
Tier 3 Business is designed for up to 10 users.
Custom Business can provide speeds up to 1 Gb*.
Redundant Circuit can provide backup Internet service.*

If you are interested in receiving our Broadband Internet service, please phone our office at (916) 685-3200 and provide the street address of your business.

This will enable us to make a preliminary evaluation of whether your location is reachable from one of our towers.

If you are within our service coverage area and would like to sign up for our service, then we will schedule installation. At that time we will perform a confirming site survey prior to installation of service.

Please see our
Pricing page for more information about business service packages.

*May not be available in all areas.

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Contact Info:
Phone: (916) 685-3200
Email: Support3 @ calbb.net
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